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Samartseva Varvara
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Samartseva Varvara

Online store of the company-supplier of heating boilers, water heaters



To develop an online store for a company engaged in the service and installation of heating equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers of various capacities for heating and hot water systems intended for objects of various spheres, and the degree of complexity of educational, cultural, residential, industrial and administrative purposes.

The main goal:

Development of an online store directly for the sale of heating boilers, water heaters and other products offered.


Increase in sales of the company's products and services;
Increasing the number of incoming applications;
Transfer of sales mainly via the Internet;
The following main tasks were set for our team:
When developing the design, adhere to the corporate identity of the Customer;
The design should be adapted to all possible devices (PCs and mobile browsers);
Adaptation of elements visible on the user's screen depending on the width of the monitor screen;
Develop an online store on a convenient and easily managed OkayCMS system (with the ability to edit product cards, post news, edit banners).

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